Frequently Asked Questions

"What do you believe?"

— Our basic core beliefs as a church can be found on the Home page of this website. These come directly from our church constitution. The Bible is our standard of truth and practice.

"How are you different from other denominations / churches?"

— Perhaps the most prominent difference about the EFCA is the idea of being open to partnering with other churches or denominations even if their doctrine is different from ours. A key concept is that the Evangelical Free Church is a Church for ‘only believers, but it is a church for all believers.’ “In essentials, unit; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity.” -Rupertus Meldenius

"How do you make decisions as a church?"

— Before we make any major decision, we try to take some time to pray about it as a church, asking God for His direction. The process usually starts with our elders and often includes our deacon(s). Ultimately, we have regular or special business meetings where we discuss things and eventually take a vote as a congregation. We typically have 100% unity in these things.

We also try, as a matter of practice, to be led by the Holy Spirit, and respect others in the church when they are being led by the Spirit.

"What should I wear to attend a service?"

— We are typically casual. The elders will wear pants and a shirt, but sometimes they dress up a little. The easiest answer is whatever you feel comfortable in (within reason, lol.) The idea in scripture is to dress modestly (i.e. not drawing lots of attention to ourselves with ultra-fancy clothes, hairstyles, and jewelry).

"Where are you located?"

— We are located at 604 S. Woodbride St. Bay City, Michigan, 48706. It is near the southwest corner of the intersection of Euclid Ave. and US-10 in Bay City.

"What times are your services?"

— We have Sunday school from 9:30a-10:30a, and morning worship service from 10:45a-12:00p on Sundays. We have small groups at different times and locations throughout the school year. You’ll can sign up either online or at the church building to attend.

"What translation of the Bible do you use?"

— Joshua Rager, the senior pastor, usually teaches and preaches out of the NASB. The Bibles in the pews are ESV. Different teachers use different versions. Most of the people who attend here use either NASB, ESV, NLT, NKJV, or KJV. If you don’t know what any of those letters mean, don’t worry about it. Just ask us and we can help you choose a translation which helps you the best.